15th December 2015: Sitting in Ladakh, where communication is highly unpredictable and volatile, I was preparing my resume and Curriculum Vitae to be sent out to various companies and start-ups for my summer internship. That’s when I came to know about Outline India, a startup working at the confluence of human resource, technology and data, creating an impact in the social sector, through a distant relative. Being a Business Economics student, the kind of work that Outline India did really excited me and I sent out my CV right away not really expecting to be called back. However, unlike most of the other organizations, I got a reply the very next day scheduling a telephonic interview. The interview went well and as soon as I reached Delhi, I went to their office for a face-to-face interview. The workplace was very cool and so were the people. Everyone was very sweet and warm to me and I instantly knew this was where I wanted to do my first internship.

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30th April, 2017: Data curation is defined as the active and ongoing management of data throughout its life cycle such that it can be reused by scholars and researchers. The process of data curation broadly involves managing, describing and preserving data. Long before the digital revolution of the 21st century, natural history museums and libraries were centers of scientific data, where data was stored in the form of physical specimens, archives and printed research materials. The word curation meaning ‘to care’ emerged from museums and libraries where it signified emphasis on protection, amelioration and contextualization.  

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16th July 2016: The British have shocked the financial, political and business establishment of the world by voting to leave (52%) the European Union in the important referendum of 23 June 2016. Briefly analysing the votes in the referendum, we see that while England and Wales opted to leave the EU, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the city of London was strongly in favour of Great Britain remaining a part of the EU. Looking at the vote split (52 to 48), it can’t be said that either side won decisively. However, since the Britons have spoken, this democratic decision would have a huge impact on Britain, the EU and the world as a whole.

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21st July 2016: Maps have been used historically to portray the world as a wholesome playground of countries, demarcating geographies, boundaries, size and distance. If we were to trace our way back to the time the first maps were drawn out, we would go as far back as 150 AD, combining geometry, math, sketching and some fabric. These ‘visuals of what the world looked like’ were used for a few centuries and were fairly distorted.

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30th July, 2016: When I decided to join the development sector a couple of years ago, I never thought that one of my first few stints would lead me to a government residential girls' school in a village located in the most interior parts of a Naxalite-prone village in Bihar. Some lessons and skills in life that you learn cannot be put down in a resume or cannot be explained in depth to your prospective employer as your USP but such experiences still count. Days like these help you grow that cannot be measured in tangible ways. This blog is about one such day, one such experience.

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13th December, 2016 : If you had told me that the Sarpanch of a village was visiting our office, I’d immediately think of an old, hookah smoking man from Haryana who is ultra conservative and narrow-minded – not concerned with the pressing issues in his village, but more with the village women covering their heads. But the Sarpanch of Bhora Khurd, a village which is about 50 km from the skyscrapers of Gurugram, was a Quadragenarian man – who has a vision for the long-term progression of the villagers who elected him to guide them towards the overall improvement in their day to day lifestyle.

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