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December 2021- January 2022

Booster shot or no booster?


Amid the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are constantly striving to better understand the rapidly evolving needs and concerns among individual.

Our 4th Survey seeks to understand peoples experience with getting vaccinated and their awareness towards the booster shot.

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Technology has permeated every aspect of human existence today and has carved a place for itself in our everyday life as well. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the world was involuntarily brought to a standstill- having to completely adapt to the 'new normal' while continuing to function at a pre-pandemic level of efficiency with multiple new restrictions. 


Our 3rd Survey seeks to understand the impact of technological apps on the lives of people during the pandemic. These apps vary from updates on Covid-19 related information and vaccinations to handling everyday amenities like groceries, medicines and self-help apps for academic support, fitness- just to name a few.

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As the worldwide Pandemic Covid-19 continues to have an impact on people's lives and livelihoods around the world, we can already observe how its affecting women on many levels.


Our 2nd survey seeks to understand how gravely women have been impacted due to the pandemic (students/working/ non-working/ mothers/ working mothers) aiming to cover all categories of women, and how it has impacted them and their careers, mental health, ambitions, and safety. The survey also seeks to understand how different age groups responded to their mental health issues. It’s important to understand the impact of Covid 19 from a woman’s lens too because all social phenomena, even something like a pandemic impacts each gender differently from the other.

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JUNE - JULY 2021

Research on Covid-19 and its implications has gained significance in recent times as the novel virus continues to erode the fundamental aspects of every individual’s life.

The youth, more than ever, feels the need to optimize the static space created by a lack of certainty and transparent solutions to help achieve their future goals. With the objective of gaining actionable insights to establish well-rounded opinions and decisions about the issues that arise out of life in a pandemic, we set out to investigate the standpoint of our loved ones, correspondents, and elderly on topics of Skill & Efficiency, Healthcare & Vaccination, and the Future.

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