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Service 1

Field Data Collection & GIS Mapping

We collect high quality and authentic primary field data from across India implementing both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection.

Service 2

Monitoring, Evaluation & Impact Assessments

We undertake monitoring and evaluation studies for existing/completed projects.

Service 3


We design survey tools and undertake paper as well as digital platform based data collection though CAPI/PAPI/TAPI software. We also assist in tool development.

Service 4

Research & Policy

We write extensive reports on quantitative and qualitative research, incorporating direct insights from the field.

How We Do

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  • Preliminary Discussions
  • Tool Development
  • Sampling, field planning
    and mapping
  • Field Training
  • Field Work
  • Reporting and Analysis
Outline India specializes in both quantitative and qualitative studies, wherein, statistical enquiries provides a quantitative foundation to examine sources of error and to summarize their effects while social and cognitive psychology provides the framework for understanding how human behaviour affects accuracy in survey responses. Sociology and anthropology offers theories of social stratification and cultural diversity that facilitates qualitative research. The interdisciplinary team-mix contributes to the foundation of survey methodology. This makes operation inherently multidisciplinary and dynamic.

Preliminary Discussions

  • Conduct secondary research to understand the relevance of the program/project/study
  • Identify the goal and objectives of the study and the key stakeholder involved
  • Build a research design in line with the project needs and goals
  • Seek guidance from sectoral experts to incorporate subject-specific knowledge
  • Identify the key theoretical and methodological constraints that may arise in the course of the study and prepare back-up plans

Tool Development

  • Prepare survey questionnaires and interview formats for quantitative data
  • Prepare guides for focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, cognitive interviews and key informant interviews for qualitative data
  • Local piloting of tools
  • Understand local nuances and socio-cultural needs to develop tools accordingly
  • Translate into local languages for the field team and respondent to understand
  • Iterate changes depending on feedback from field team and pilots
  • For digital surveys, devices are programmed and additional guides set up

Sampling, field planning and mapping

  • Sample the required respondents considering the budget and time constraints
  • Prepare field maps to set processes and track execution of the research
  • Prepare field plans with budget and timelines accounting for buffer periods
  • Deploy an optimal team mix of coordinators, supervisors and field workers and enumerators across genders and varying levels of experience
  • Set up logistics to execute the field research

Field Training

  • Train enumerators and supervisors comprehensively, via experienced researchers covering objectives of the study
  • Discuss in detail the nitty-gritties of the questionnaire and conduct dummy subject drills
  • Conduct mock interviews as part of the training close to the survey location
  • Provide additional training in case of digital data collection
  • Provide special training for sensitive themes and for dealing with sensitive respondents such as women/children
  • Guide field workers thoroughly through the training manual to avoid discrepancies in data
  • Solve doubts, queries, problems pertaining to the questions, if any

Field Work

  • Set daily targets for each field researcher that are reasonable and achievable
  • Monitor work done at end of each day
  • Evaluate the quality of data collected and provide feedback
  • Conduct randomized checks on supervisors and field workers
  • Redo surveys of selected respondents randomly to ensure authenticity of data
  • Resolve any issues that may have arisen on the field and manage crisis
  • Plan for subsequent days of research and communicate the same to the supervisors

Reporting and Analysis

  • Deploy quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse the raw data
  • Write extensive and in-depth reports from the analysed data
  • Provide recommendations and suggestions to improve efficiency of programs
  • Incorporate changes and feedback depending on the client’s requirements and needs of the study
  • Present the findings of the study in a clear and comprehensible manner to the stakeholders, if need be

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Who We Are?

Prerna Mukharya

As a founder, Prerna envisions catering to India’s ‘development data’ needs to catalyse the process of policy change and work upon business opportunity at the bottom of the pyramid

Mahima Taneja
Research Associate

As a Research Associate, Mahima assists in secondary research, developing proposals, preparing questionnaires, undertaking field work and training and monitoring field investigators.

Anjali Krishan
Research Manager

As a Research Manager, Anjali closely works on proposals and designing research methods, undertakes, supervises and guides qualitative data collection and analysis.

Sruti Mohanty
Development Professional

As a Development Professional, Sruti currently manages the bid writing process, develops content and strategy for business expansion, in addition to supporting the research team for selected projects.

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