Assessment of the Organ Donor Network across Public and Private Medical Institutions | Outline India

Assessment of the Organ Donor Network across Public and Private Medical Institutions

Organ India


Delhi/ NCR


Health, Governance

Outline India evaluated the organ donor industry to identify the best practices in countries governed by a system of centralized organ registry, and draw lessons for the organ donor market in the Delhi/NCR region. This was a pioneering study in India exploring the existing practices of organ donation, from the perspective of organ donors’ motivations, as well as institutional constraints in the organ donor industry. The objectives of this study were to: -

Understand the organ donation and transplant environment in India with focus on historical trends, challenges faced and scope for change

Prepare recommendations for an effective and functionally efficient organ donation and transplant system in Delhi/NCR

For this study, Outline India analysed the current organ donation and transplant environment, conducted research into historical developments and explored global systems and success stories in the field. As there was minimal prior research that had been conducted in this field, most figures were inconsistent and were evidently not based on rigorous data. In this context, Outline India conducted extensive primary and secondary research into the organ transplant industry. This included in-depth interviews with transplant surgeons and coordinators associated with public and private hospitals, including renowned specialists who have helped in setting up the Transplant of Human Organs Act in India. It also included interviews with other stakeholders, such as organ donors and beneficiaries. 

The findings were further probed through statistical analyses of responses, based on key metrics. This was compared with secondary research detailing global systems and success stories in the field. Through the insights gathered, recommendations were made to redress the problem of organ wastage through a proposed strategy for growth and effectiveness in Delhi NCR and India. The study further sought to motivate studies to improve understanding and enable a wider understanding of organ donation in India. 


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