Documentation of the Application of Design Research to examine Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health in Bihar

John Snow, Inc.

GEOGRAPHY Samastipur, Bihar SECTORS  

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Outline India along with JSI was involved in observing design research activities being carried out at Samastipur in Bihar. The intent was to document the process of design research being carried out as part of the CORE project by SCOPE in partnership with PCI. The main aim of the study was to probe deeper into the potential touchpoints (transition of women from the premarital to the marital stage) and understand women’s knowledge and potential sources of knowledge acquisition in relation to sexual and reproductive health.

The different design research methods being used in carrying out the FGDs, KIIs and IDIs were documented. In-depth interviews with design researchers were carried out pre and post data collection to understand the objectives and outcome of the fieldwork being carried out.


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