Impact Assessment Report for a Leading NGO | Outline India

Impact Assessment Report for a Leading NGO

For a Leading NGO

Impact Assessment Report for a Leading NGO

PAN India


Health, Disaster Management, Gender-Based Violence

Outline India prepared an Impact Assessment Report for one of the leading NGOs of the country. The organization works extensively in sectors of Health, Livelihood, Education, Disaster Management and Gender-Based Violence reaching out to vulnerable and marginalized communities. 

Outline India conducted a systematic review of project-related data and reports to identify, analyse and synthesize the impact and outcome of the organization. By consolidating information and analysis of 50 project interventions undertaken by the organization from 2013-14 to 2015-16. This report documents its overall achievements in India and long-term impacts of interventions in the period of 2014-16. By collating the successes and failures, replicability and sustainability, the report provides a strong evidence base for the organization’s future programs, partnerships and advocacy, and also serves as an internal learning document. 


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