Establishment of Public-private Partnership Cell for the Health Ministries | Outline India

Establishment of Public-private Partnership Cell for the Health Ministries

Health Ministries of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka,
Funded by the World Bank in association with Sanigest International


Uttar Pradesh



Outline India supported a World Bank initiative to establish and administer Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) between the Health Departments of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka, as well as private health service providers.

To develop protocols and tools for designing, managing, monitoring and planning PPPs in these states, Outline India undertook a mixed-methods study to help assess the strengths, weaknesses and gaps of existing PPP schemes/projects/ including policy guidelines and regulatory systems in UP and Karnataka. Outline India also helped develop a state-specific policy towards the private sector in health including policy on PPP, regulation, investment opportunities, and other PPP options in the health sector. This involved organizing periodic consultation with the private sector providers, both from within the state and from outside, to review schemes and identify the potential for new schemes. 

Outline India exercised due diligence practices in the establishment of the cell, conducting research into the necessary paperwork to operationalize the cell, investigating the gaps in infrastructure, best international practices and facilitated a scoping study of the private sector. This included identifying opportunities for new PPPs. Moreover, to ensure smooth future operation of projects, training modules were drafted and implemented for the monitoring and evaluation of PPPs, for high-level bureaucrats.


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