Arushi Chaudhary | Outline India

Arushi Chaudhary

Operations Manager


Painting, dancing, cooking, listening to 90’s music, reading, and having ice cream.


 Rude and ungrateful people.

Arushi Chaudhary has joined Outline India as an Operations Manager and She is responsible for monitoring HR, administration, and operations-related things like internal HR Systems and databases, performance reviews, payroll and salary processing, and employees’ queries. She is also responsible for vendor management, reimbursements, expense management, and all other operations-related tasks.

Arushi has completed her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration from IP University, Delhi. She has more than 7 years of experience in HR, Admin, and operations. In the past, she had worked with Smart Joules Pvt. Ltd. and Hindustan Media Ltd.


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