Pulama Mukherjee

Senior Research Associate


To travel solo

Macher jhol


Waking up in the morning

Half-baked cakes

Pulama manages field coordination, develops quantitative and qualitative research tools, monitors, validates and manages data. She also undertakes communications with consultants and develops research design.

Previously she interned with Jagori, Delhi and worked on the UN Safer cities project. She also did research on half widows & enforced disability in Kashmir with JKCCS and APDP. She has earlier been a part of HCL Foundation working on the rural areas of Hardoi, UP. Later she worked with Indian PAC on policy implementation and governance in Bihar.

Pulama has a Bachelors’ degree in International Relations from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, and a Masters’ degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from TISS, Guwahati.


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