Sesame Street and Metlife Foundation have been exploring a new initiative that aims at educating children below the age of 7 years on the basics of financial literacy- focussing on aspects like sharing, saving, distinguishing needs from wants and so on. As part of this initiative and to test the hardware options(phones, tablets and personal computers) that can be used as mediums where information is shared with children, in a way that will successfully grasp their attention ( that is in the form of a game, a fun narrative involving familiar characters from Sesame Street), the present study was initiated across the world in countries like USA, Brazil, China and India. Outline India, having worked with Sesame before on the financial literacy program, set out on this round of interesting interview sessions where the main research inputs came from how the children perceived, maneuvered and justified their actions at all steps in the testing games. The preliminary findings re emphasize the learning capacities of children in how 3 and 4 year olds who are completely unfamiliar with tablets and smartphones, seem to be able to pick the basics by the end of each interview session. Moreover, the differences within and across age groups with respect to perceptions of needs and wants, motivations for engagement and ideas on fairness and sharing were other interesting findings

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