img-20160106-wa0015Water, Sanitation and Hygiene underpin many of children’s fundamental human rights. At present, inadequate access negatively affects millions in India, which may have immense ramifications on children’s health that can lead to fatalities. Water Aid India, with support from the H&M Conscious foundation, implemented a three year program in 2014, “Investing in clean water and sanitation in schools – to offer children a better future”, intended to improve the water and sanitation infrastructure in schools across Uttar Pradesh. Jharkhand, Odisha and Karnataka. At the close of this project, Outline India conducted the endline study to conduct a spot study of key WASH infrastructure in Water Aid’s targeted schools, assess the current and lasting benefits of WASH services and appraise the extent to which the management committees are presently functional in the targeted schools. The study successfully assessed the successes, gaps and bottlenecks with regard to WASH infrastructure in schools and made recommendations for future projects.

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