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As a field of knowledge, a profession, and a science, survey methodology seeks to link the principles of design, collection, processing, and analysis of survey to an understanding of error. Biases and the validity are some of the variables that affect the quality of data. Outline India is committed to strategizing survey methodology tailored to study specifics. Achieving high quality survey results within the scientific aspects of surveys requires applying principles from traditional academic disciplines such as statistics and the social sciences.

Service 1

Quality Data Collection

  • Quantitative & Qualitative Methods
  • Use of technology (data platforms, scribe pens, drones)
  • Competent Field teams across the country.


Service 1

Field training material

  • Training guides
  • Recruitment of enumerators
  • Training of trainers, field training with enumerators & workshops


Service 1

Design Data tools

  • Conduct cognitive enquiries
  • Pretesting of tools
  • Design instruments on CAPI platform


Service 2

Develop study specific research designs

  • Develop conceptual and theoretical frameworks to understand the relevance of an proposed intervention
  • Suggest and design relevant methods to assess and evaluate the efficacy of the intervention


Service 1

Data cleaning, analysis and reporting

  • Data preparation and management providing data codebooks and summary table for important variables
  • Quantitative and Qualitative data analysis
  • Final Report using Field notes, data and transcriptions


Core Services

Robust M&E framework

Preparing logical frameworks to monitor programme activities. Designing evaluation frameworks and conducting evaluation studies to analyze efficacy of the proposed intervention.

Tracking performance

Establish tracking mechanisms to analyse the specific activities and the fulfilment of the programmes’ overall goals. Propose strategies for tracking and build tools to track the intervention throughout the project cycle.

Impact evaluation

We conduct impact evaluations, which include randomized control trials to assess the changes and measure the efficacy of the intervention.

Campaign evaluations

Design and conduct evaluations for campaign initiatives and understand, analyze and explore the processes through mixed method approaches as well as ethnographic techniques to determine its feasibility and viability.

Human centered design approach

Realizing the relevance of the stakeholders participation in designing effective interventions, human centred design approach is an interactive method adopted to make systems usable and hence effective.

Content testing

Outline India conducts content research to aid the development of communication materials, IECs used in various social initiatives and campaigns. We also assess the comprehension and recall of messages used through exploratory, quantitative as
well as mixed methods.

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